4 Ways to Get More from Your Google AdWords Advertising

Marketers that advertise in Google have higher expectations from the platform than ever. With the number of people trying to advertise on Google constantly increasing, it’s very important to customize messages. People are more responsive to ads that speak to them specifically, so it’s important to start implementing the following best practices when using Google ads.

  1. Pay Attention to How You Setup Your CampaignsThis is an easy win, but so many people miss it. Make sure that you’re tracking conversions from your site or mobile app as accurately as possible. It’s nearly impossible to optimize effectively when the data you’re using isn’t up to scratch in the first place.
  2. Timing Is Extremely ImportantConsumers can get annoyed by ads that feel intrusive or ‘get in their way’. At the same time, if there are potential customers that aren’t being served timely information that helps them make purchase decisions, you could lose them to a competitor. Use re-marketing to not only re-engage past site visitors, but also to find new customers using keyword targeting. These methods are really cost-effective and result in much better leads.
  3. Your Messaging and Bid Need to Be TimelyGoogle Ads are very effective when simple best practices are adhered to. The AdWords blog says you can see an improvement of up to 40% in conversions if you actively use both text and image ads. There’s also a more efficient way to manage your bids. By automating them, you get to save yourself time and improve the performance of your ads.
  4. Want Better Performance on Display? Optimize

    No matter how much traffic your website gets, it won’t matter if your site is too slow or is filled with broken links. Make sure that your landing pages are optimized so that you get better performance on your ads.


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