5 Habits of Successful Advertising Agencies

Great work should be the cornerstone of any advertising agency that aims to be top of its class. To get to the top though, the industry needs to attract and keep the best talent in a cutthroat environment. The best agencies understand certain basics about how to get the best people consistently delivering the best work.

1: Do Work That Matters

Work only with brands that are passionate about their products, people, and the legacy they want to leave behind. True passion for what you do can be a powerful motivator when times are tough. And, with the advertising agency services industry constantly in a state of disruption, hard times will come.

2: Give Your Workers Space to Grow

The internet is enabling a lot more people to learn whatever they want to learn. The barrier to high-quality learning opportunities has never been lower. In cases such as Uber, AirBnB, Snapchat and more we’ve seen entirely new business models burst out of this movement. Top advertising agency habits include encouraging the growth and learning of employees.

3: Challenge Your Teams

Leaders in the agency need to be inspirational. They need to be able to articulate the company’s mission and goals in a way that every single person on the team can understand. Where tough challenges are set, provide the necessary guidance to achieving them. Workers want to feel valuable. Nothing makes them feel more valuable than when they see the results of their work!

4: Create a Positive Workspace

Pay attention to the design of your office. Does it accommodate not only individual work but collaboration as well? You want a space where different personalities can organically collaborate and help each other produce great work. So don’t be stingy with the coffee (or beer).

5: Respect Your People

If you want to hire the best people to work for you, you need to show them you’re the best person to work for. Having transparent, trustworthy and respectful leadership can vastly increase an advertising agency’s chances of building strong relationships that result in superb work. In this day and age, flexibility is just as important. Younger workers appreciate having flexible schedules, remote work options and other benefits.


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