Advertising with Online Newspapers

Do you have something to say, something people need to know about? What if you could get this message to thousands of people in a short space of time?

Just Perfect can offer you this and so much more. We can give you a great deal on advertising in one of South Africa’s most read and most trusted news sites – IOL.

But what exactly makes advertorials on online newspaper sites so effective?Online newspaper advertising 

The beauty of using an online newspaper advertorial is that your product and brand are given more credibility. Your brand is seen in the same light as the trustworthy news that the website carries. This is why it is ideal to use a newspaper website that has a good reputation such as IOL.

The readers of online newspapers are also a lucrative source of potential clients. On average, they spend almost twice as much time online as normal internet users. This is ideal for your company since it means the people who see your advertorial are more likely to visit your site since they are on the web more often.

Moreover, online newspapers also have quite a broad reach and you can use this to your advantage. By selecting the best possible sections to place your advertorials in, you can market directly to your target audience. For example, if you want to promote your sporting goods company, you can target the sports readership of IOL with your advertorial.

Brand awareness is also aided by the fact that people tend to visit online newspaper sites multiple times during the week. If your brand is constantly visible on the site, it can only do your reputation good. Constantly being exposed to your brand means that potential clients take note of your company.

A last important consideration is that online marketing provides measurable results. You can see exactly how many people have viewed your advertorial, how many of them react to it and how long they spent on your page. This allows you to optimise your marketing and get the most out of your advertorials.

Now that you know what an incredible opportunity Just Perfect is providing you with, let us help you advertise your company optimally on IOL – one of the most credible newspaper sites in South Africa with more than a thousand hits a day.

At Just Perfect we believe in putting everything to the test so that we know we are offering our clients only the best. Just Perfect’s current advertorial is running under IOL’s news section and we have been getting an insane amount of feedback!

Make use of this amazing advertorial opportunity from Just Perfect to promote your brand and be the next company to strut their stuff on IOL!


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