Creating a Cohesive Brand For Your Business [Infographic]

branding agency in South AfricaCreating a cohesive brand for your business is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. In the digital age, image is everything, and what is a brand other than a visual representation of the heart and soul of your company? If you’re a little daunted at the prospect of making such a monumental decision, you’re not alone. It’s a huge task, and that’s why the first thing you should do is engage with an amazing branding agency in South Africa. Consulting with the experts is essential to creating a cohesive, slick brand for your business.

But what do you need to bring to the party?

Read on to find out.

Brainstorming what your business is all about is so important, because everything – from the look and feel of your website, to the tone of your social media posts – comes from that first initial seed. In order to get a clear picture of your business’s identity, you’ll have to get to know who your target audience is, define what your competitive advantage is, and come to grips with your brand’s mission. This is the heart of your business and should not be forgotten when it comes to design and content.

Once you know the personality of your brand, it’s much easier to formulate an image for it. And working with a reputable designer at a fantastic branding agency in South Africa will make it a piece of cake. But remember: consistency is key. After you’ve got a sense of your core branding assets, it’s essential to keep them consistent across all your platforms – including your website and all your social media accounts. Knowing what your values are, as a business, will help you to do this, even over a long time span.

Still curious?

Check out this awesome infographic on creating a brand for your business:

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