Digital Display Advertising – The Benefits

Digital display advertising may be described as visual or graphic advertisements that are used in digital format on websites and other electronic media. In plain English, they are usually advertisement banners that appear on things like websites or games. There are many benefits to using this form of advertising despite it being one of the lesser known types of marketing.

Be Green

digital display advertising is green
In an environmentally conscious world it is important to consider the carbon footprint your marketing leaves behind. No one wants their success to be at the cost of the earth.
Digital display advertising is environmentally green since it does not require tons and tons of paper to be put to work. Everything is electronic which means there is no unnecessary waste.




Awareness in a Flash

digital display advertising creates awareness

It also does not waste time getting to work! Digital display advertising generates awareness quickly and does not require time to take effect.

It starts working from day 1 and does not require potential clients to known about your company beforehand. Your advertisement simply pops up wherever you’d like it to, regardless of whether the viewer has heard of your company before. You can target your adverts so that they appear when people search for items that are similar to yours. The people who are seeing your advertisement and visiting your site are quality traffic since they are interested in your product or service.

Digital display advertising also generates general awareness for your brand even if people do not immediately respond to your advert. When potential clients constantly see your brand they are more likely to remember it when they need your services or products.

Rightly Relevant

digital display advertising is relevant

Digital display advertising can be made relevant to the content on the site and can accordingly act as an extension of the content. This is great for your company because it means that people are more likely to pay attention to your advertisement since it forms part of the content.

This type of advertising also allows you to take a step away from static advertising into the highly interactive world of the internet. It can make use of images, sound and video to get the message across to the potential clients.

An interactive advert is more likely to entice clients to visit your site simply by clicking on the advertisement. What could be better than an immediate response?


digital display advertising bull's eye

Lastly, digital display advertising can be used to market directly to the target audience using their demographic or location. Doing this means you are marketing more effectively since you can speak directly to the people you need to.

As can be expected, digital display advertising also provides good return on investment when used correctly. Targeting the ideal demographic allows for broader and more comprehensive reach.

Now that you know all the benefits of digital display advertising, why not try one of Just Perfect’s Display Advertising Packages and watch the clients roll in!

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