Digital Marketing Solutions: How to Measure Digital Marketing Success

With regards to DIY digital marketing, many companies have a problem when it comes to calculating their return on investment (ROI). They see their likes, follows, shares, etc. going up but can’t see the effects in their bottom lines.

This is where using a digital marketing agency really pays off. Digital marketing services don’t just take care of all the strategies necessary to effectively market the company, they have special processes for the measurement of ROI.

In this article we’ll discuss the three key factors a digital marketing company will use to determine the success of a campaign.

Measuring the Success of Digital Marketing Solutions

Of course, a digital marketing agency uses many methods and analytics to get a clear idea of which approaches are working, and which aren’t. That being said, if you had to ask any digital marketing company
what its three main factors for determining success are, you would likely get the same three factors. These are:

1. Reach

Reach refers to the amount of people who were impacted by a particular social media post. This is great for gaining a better understanding of what is working within the campaign, and what isn’t.

For example, if likes and subscribers are climbing but ROI isn’t following suit, measuring Reach will provide some answers as to why. Reach essentially shows the attractiveness of your social posts to your target audience

2. Engagement

Engagement is different from Reach in that, while Reach shows how many people were impacted by your post, engagement shows a higher level of responsiveness.

After you’ve reached people with your post, you want to see how much it affected them. Did they like it enough to share it or retweet it. Did they comment on the post or rate it. Low engagement shows that something may be wrong with your content, which needs addressing.

3. Conversion

Conversion refers to how many people took action because of your social post. Did they respond so favourably to your content that they took the next step and entered the sales funnel? Did they register for downloads, fill in contact forms, phone in, or even make online purchases?

These metrics are certainly easier to connect with ROI, but not every conversion should be seen as a sale.

Digital Marketing Services

While conversion might be the easiest factor to link to ROI, each of these three factors is important in determining the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. However, their measurement isn’t always straightforward. Some might require specialised software and some might simply require manual measurement – and some might require a combination of both.

The sensitivity of measurement, and the fastidious analysis of the information, means that determining the success of a campaign is never easy. This is why it is best left to the professionals. So, for expert digital marketing solutions delivered in an easily-understandable form, contact Just Perfect today!


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