Digital Media Advertising Proves that SEO and UX Work Hand in Hand


The amount of people accessing digital media on their mobile devices nowadays (hundreds of millions more than desktop users) has brought the attention of many a digital media agency crashing towards a relatively new, yet vital term; User Experience (UX).

UX is, of course, important to media advertising because the user’s impression of a particular website dictates whether he or she will stay on the site and eventually become a customer. If the site is not responsive to mobile devices, the majority of users will not have a pleasant experience on that site, sending UX right out of the window and leading to probably abysmal sales.

Thus, UX joins SEO as an exceptionally important focus point for any media agency that takes its role seriously.

How UX Joined SEO as a Digital Media Advertising Must

“If you build it, they will come,’ is the slightly misquoted adage from Field of Dreams. This used to be the case with websites, which meant that many badly built sites would stay online, untouched, for far too long, generating uninspiring sales. Then media advertising agencies discovered that it was possible to drive traffic to sites through proper optimisation, which ushered in the era of SEO.

Now, in the era of UX, it is not enough to be able to drive traffic to a site. Once users arrive at the site, their experiences should be maximised regardless of the circumstances. As such, a modern website should be able to do the following:

  • Function correctly on whatever device is being used to view it
  • Load quickly – anything over 2 seconds is far too slow
  • Be easy navigable regardless of the device used to display the site
  • Contain expertly created digital media, such as written and visual content
  • Contain simple search functionality
  • Use SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, which is a method of ensuring web security. This is especially important for sites which sell products or collect personal information.
  • If applicable, create a personalised experience for the user
  • Offer users content which can be curated, such as blogs, ebooks, videos, etc.

SEO and UX are Vital Tools for a Digital Media Agency

While UX is the new hot topic for any media agency worth its salt, it hasn’t replaced the need for SEO. A beautifully functioning site is useless if users can’t find it. Similarly, it is useless for optimisers to be able to send users to sites that won’t be able to convert them into customers. For this reason, expect SEO and UX to work hand in hand for the foreseeable future.


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