E Commerce Website Solutions: Four Fantastic E Commerce Website Examples

We all know that we aren’t supposed to judge things based on looks alone. But, let’s be honest, we all do – at least initially. An e commerce website thus has to do more than simply provide a format for online shopping. It has to be a beautiful marketing campaign, a helpful retail assistant, and an obliging checkout clerk all rolled into one.

On top of this, e commerce website design can’t be too complex or it can frighten shoppers away. E commerce website cost also has to be properly managed, because online retailers want to see significant returns and not have all their profits go back into the site.

Understandably, this is no easy feat. However, there are a few companies offering choice e commerce website solutions that meet all of the above criteria.

The competition is keen, but it is possible to stand out from the pack with truly breathtaking e commerce website design.  So, if you are thinking about launching or updating an e commerce website in South Africa, here are some fantastic sites to inspire you.

Four Brilliant E Commerce Website Examples


Norwegian Rain

e commerce website

Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Rain’s e commerce website seems to suit its products beautifully. It is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. Wearable art takes the fore, but shoppers know exactly where to click to buy.


LeatherHead Sports Brand

LeatherHead Sports Brand


This site focusses on minimalism, letting the brand’s traditional logo and the stark photography do the work. Users don’t feel overwhelmed when logging on, and immediately want to visit the store to enter the site.




This beard oil manufacturer’s website is beautifully simple, yet it perfectly embodies the old-school barbershop ethos with which the brand associates itself.




The boots manufacturer packs a punch with this site’s simplicity. The imagery shows users the product straight off the bat and the tabs above allow users to shop online or find brick and mortar stores.


E Commerce Website Cost vs Benefit

With a great deal of consumers turning to the Internet in order to shop, e commerce sites are an excellent way to greatly increase revenue. That being said, you don’t want to throw money away on a site that’s too expensive to maintain. You want your site to be a leading e commerce website in South Africa, but also one that generates a good profit.


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