E-commerce – What you need to know

E-commerce – What you need to know

So you’ve decided you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of e-commerce, but you’re not exactly sure what you should look out for. Here are the basics that you need to keep in mind when opening any e-commerce store.

Scout out the field

Do some market research when you start e-commerce business. All business, whether e-commerce or traditional, need to meet a need or fill a gap in the market. The best way to do this is to cover as many areas as possible and then see which of these delivers the best returns. By broadening the number of items you have in your store, you will be able to get better rankings on search engines because you can target more keywords.  Just Perfect is an e-commerce company that can help you determine the feasibility of your e-commerce store and then help you get the most out of it.

It’s in the way you market

It doesn’t matter if your site practically breathes fire. If it’s not marketed correctly no one is going to know about it. Part of your e-commerce journey to success is going to include a stroll down online marketing lane. Online marketing, such as social media marketing and search engine optimisation, help to get hype going about your e-commerce store and this does great things for your revenue.

Market me right

On average 85% of traffic is brought to e-commerce sites through search engines. However, you need to do it right. Good online marketing leads to long term growth whereas poor online marketing, especially incorrect search engine optimisation marketing, may lead to search engine penalisation or even, in extreme cases, blacklisting on Google. Search engine optimisation is not an area to DIY. Let an e-commerce company like Just Perfect help you make it perfect.


Connect with your inner store

You need to be able to use and update your own site. This will help you keep it relevant and you can always fix and change things as you like without being dependent on anyone else. Our e-commerce solutions are incredibly easy to use and we love helping you take charge of your e-commerce store. We show you the basics and let you run your store with ease.

Got it in the cart

A shopping cart is the cornerstone of any good e-commerce store, but you’d be surprised to find out not all e-commerce solutions offer this. Just Perfect’s e-commerce solutions offer shopping cart functionality with abandoned cart saver. This means that when a customer places things in their cart but then logs off without buying, their items remain in their cart until they log in again. This is very convenient and leads to more sales since shoppers can just check out when they are ready.

I’m easy

E-commerce sites need to be user-friendly. No-one wants to spend 20 minutes figuring out where the log in or a particular category is. The easier it is to navigate, the easier it is to buy. The same goes for the amount of clicks needed to buy a product. Less clicks to purchasing means more purchases.

Pay me any way you can

The more payment options you have available, the more people will be able to buy from your site. Everyone has a preferred online payment method. Some prefer credit cards while others trust their ewallets. Our e-commerce company offers a range of convenient e-commerce payment options including the most popular ones used in South Africa.

Get the right accreditation

SSL certificates need to be bought for e-commerce sites. They essentially guarantee that the transactions that take place on the site are encrypted and having this type of certification in place is great for SEO.

It shows that you care about the confidentiality of your customers’ information and this gives them peace of mind when transacting in your e-commerce store.

As can be expected, SSL certification isn’t handed out to every e-commerce site that happens to stroll by. The e-commerce store needs to meet certain requirements and Just Perfect ensures that all of these requirements are in place and that an SSL certificate is purchased for your e-commerce site.

Now that you know what to do, check out our e-commerce options and let the best South African e-commerce company get your store up and running today!


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