Thought Leader: Empowering your business through digital

digital agencyWe live in interesting times. And I don’t mean that as a curse. The last three meetings I had were with someone who was born before TV. An X Generational and a pair of millennials. All on the same day. Digital doesn’t discriminate. What it does is empower.

The first meeting, the client born before TV was concerned he didn’t ‘speak digital’. I showed him he did. I asked if he was here because he wanted to grow his business. To get new clients. To get to the next level. He agreed that was the reason. I said, ‘exactly – you speak digital.’

I got him to understand that the days of hiring a salesforce who walk the streets and knock on doors to get new business are gone. Your clients are already looking for you. We provide the tools to do the introduction. And that’s only the first step. The long term goal is sustainability.

The third meeting, the meeting with the millennials, provided a whole different discussion. They also wanted to take their business to the next level and didn’t understand why the 10 000 followers they have on Twitter weren’t buying their products. I got them to understand the importance of a holistic strategy. Covering all the bases. SMM is one facet, but you can’t leave out a strong SEO and PPC campaign built on the back of an in-depth business analysis. Data is everything. Analysing that data correctly is even more.

I always ask clients why they would, even for a second, consider handing their digital world over to a digital agency that has never had any digital successes of their own. How can a digital agency advise a client on how to run an e-commerce store when they’ve never owned a successful e-commerce store of their own? And so forth. The new rule of thumb is this: work with digital agencies that have done it themselves.

We have, and that’s why we have proven strategies.

In summation, if you’re walking the streets looking for new business, stop. If you’re working with people whom have never run a successful online business of their own, stop. If you don’t have a holistic digital strategy, covering all the right bases, using the most sophisticated tools available, stop. But most of all, if you aren’t getting a return on your investment, STOP.

The right digital strategy, implemented by a digital agency who have done it themselves, will yield results beyond your expectations. The right strategy will build sustainability within your business. The right strategy will knock the socks off of your competitors. This is empowering your business through digital.

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