Five Useful Facebook Business Page Features for Digital Agency Marketers

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Having an in-depth knowledge of the tools of your trade can give you a big advantage over your competitors. For a social media manager working within a digital agency, or even in a private capacity, knowing the features that Facebook offers can hugely increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Facebook is constantly evolving into a platform that focuses on marketing; it offers a number of new features that assist businesses with advertising, brand awareness, message recall and purchase intent, all of which have the purpose of driving traffic onto e-commerce sites.

Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice-president of global marketing, has suggested that the company no longer views itself as a social media company and that it has shifted its focus into a becoming a platform which allows people to grow their businesses.

Facebook discovered the perfect monetisation model for themselves by analysing and adapting to consumer behaviour. Any digital marketing agency using Facebook as a marketing tool would be wise to follow in their footsteps, by adopting the same agile strategies using the features Facebook provides.

Here are five are the lesser known Facebook Business Page features that every top digital agency should be making full use of:

1 Free Images for Adverts

People buy with their eyes and knowing this, Facebook has made superb free image library powered by Shutterstock available to the public in order to use to find the perfect image to enhance an ad campaign.

These images can be selected during the creation of your advert, however, you should be cautious as not all of the images adhere to Facebook’s 20% text rule.

2 Ad Relevance Scores

Similar to Google’s quality score for AdWords. Facebook indicates the effectiveness of your ad by calculating its relevance score with the targeted audience.

A higher score will indicate that your advert is reaching a greater number of impressions at a lower cost per engagement.

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3 Email Contact Import

Growing your Facebook business page while still in its infancy can be a difficult task. Facebook ‘Like’ campaigns can also often attract the wrong audience.

A great alternative is to invite the people in your email address book that you feel would be interested in your business. To do this, click on the ellipsis button (…) on your Facebook cover image and select the option ‘Invite Email Contacts’ in the drop-down menu. You are able to upload 5 000 contacts per day.

4 Facebook Post Scheduling

Facebook post scheduling eliminates the need to use software like Hootsuite and Buffer in order to schedule future posts. Posting directly through Facebook increases organic reach resulting in more eyeballs on posts. The feature also allows you to backdate posts and make edits to posts that have previously been scheduled.

5 Pages to Watch Metrics

One of the most important aspects of growing your business is knowing and keeping on top of the opposition. This is exactly what Facebook’s ‘Pages to Watch’ option allows you to do.

Found within the Facebook Insights panel, the feature lets you identify competitors’ or even partners’ Facebook pages and then tracks data which lets you see the metrics for page likes, posts and engagement.

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