How a Good Digital Agency Generates Quality B2B Leads

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Lead generation in any form is a bit like trawling for fish – you’re bound to find a few old boots, tyres, and number plates thrown in with the day’s catch. Similarly, while it would be ideal for all B2B lead generation campaigns to return only quality business leads, the truth is that this is never the case.

But, while this may be an inevitable fact of life, the smartest digital advertising agencies are able to refine the quality of leads caught in their nets, or rather their sales funnels, through adjusting their approaches to suit current circumstances.

An advertising agency which remains rooted to its tried and trusted methods will soon find itself rendered obsolete (the sexist advertising of the ’50s simply isn’t going to fly in today’s society, is it?). For example, enlightened digital advertising agencies are finding that, since many businesses replicate the consumer in terms of customer journey, a B2C approach works wonders for B2B lead generation.

4 Digital Advertising Agency Tips for B2B Leads

In the end, lead generation should not be confined to predefined strategies. The best digital agency will remain focused on the task at hand; bringing quality leads into the sales funnel. To that end, the following approaches are highly effective:

1. Bring in Social Traffic

Why should social media only work for B2C campaigns? One of the primary goals for social media is, after all, to drive traffic to a website. This should remain the goal regardless of the origin of traffic being brought in. That being said, individual targeting is still important and generic approaches should be avoided.

2. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

While many pass it off as old technology akin to the fax machine, this workhorse continues to generate numerous quality leads. As long as the campaign features the almighty call-to-action, and a specific one at that, an email marketing campaign can be very effective indeed.

3. Market with Content

It is possible to generate numerous B2B leads by attracting them with content pertinent to their needs. Insightful articles, videos, ebooks, and even whitepapers prove your value to the businesses being targeted by virtue of authorship.

4. Direct Engagement

Create content that garners reactions in the form of comments, and then use those comments to engage with prospective leads directly. Engagement can create conversations, which can lead to meetings.

The concept of lead generation should not be split into B2B and B2C, with a residing fear of crossing boundaries. Lead generation should be simply about garnering high quantities of leads while limiting the amount of figurative boots caught in the sales funnel. Thus there is no reason why lead generation can’t involve the above methods, but it takes the most creative digital advertising agencies to see it.

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