Google announces shake, rattle and roll

Just-Perfect-digital-agencyWebmasters were recently hit with significant alterations in their websites’ rankings after Google confirmed a change to their quality assessment algorithm.

The quality of any webpage is decided by a number of individual factors, and it is the assumption of most digital agencies in Johannesburg that Google is now placing more or less emphasis on certain individual criteria within their Panda and Penguin algorithms.

Google has been discreet about any details on the update, perhaps to avoid exploitation from SEO companies that wish to abuse any additional knowledge.

What is reassuring to the internet user is knowing that Google’s constant updates only ever have the intention of improving the quality of their search results.

Companies looking to rank highly on those search results are best advised to seek the help of a digital agency, who will be more on these updates and optimising websites to cater for them.

The key is to let the hard thinking be done by the experts, while the core focus of any website remains keeping your users happy. At Just Perfect digital agency, we do this by following Google’s four main principals:

1. Create websites that are useful and informative

Make sure your customers or clients are enriched by their experience on your website. They need to be able to clearly understand what your business offers, the hours in which you operate, the locations in which you are based, contact information and blogs to share news and events.

2. Your website should offer more value than other sites

Don’t just concentrate of selling. Supply your target market with interesting, industry related information that benefits them in everyday life. This creates the extra value that pushes your business ahead of the competition.

3. Remain credible

There are all sorts of tricks and shortcuts in marketing that can brings short-term success. However, this often comes at a cost and Google recognises that cost. Make sure your research, links and testimonials are credible and legitimate. This creates trust, not just with your clients, but with the Google search engine.

4. High quality and engaging content

Make your website unique. That extra quality may come at an initial extra cost, but the benefits will bring huge return on investment. The better the experience users have on your website, the more likely they are to return. Images and videos improve user experience and keep people on your site for longer. All of this contributes towards boosting your SEO rankings.

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