How a Digital Marketing Agency can Dominate 2016 with these 7 Social Media marketing Trends!

As any digital marketing agency knows, if you don’t keep ahead of the curve, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out. With technology advancing as fast as it is, and with social media channels constantly innovating for larger and larger slices of the digital pie, it’s enough to make digital media agency employees break down in tears when a new app, viral trend or social media function is introduced.

At this time of year, it’s no surprise that every digital advertising agency is trying to piece together the trends and figure out how the 2016 year will pan out. From our own research, these are the 7 trends to watch out for and make use of next year!

Stay (even more) in the moment

Social media, almost by its very nature, is supposed to be real-time and in the moment anyway, but things are taking an even more instantaneous turn. Periscope, recently acquired by Twitter, is one app that is real-time in the literal sense, so we anticipate that many a digital media agency will be using more and more of Periscope as South Africans discover and download it.

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Buy Buttons

Most social media channels are currently embroiled in a battle to prove to businesses that advertising with them delivers results, and the recent addition of “buyable” social media posts are definitely gaining momentum. Mobile users of Pinterest and Facebook will be able to make purchases without even leaving the app page, and we anticipate similar reactions with Instagram, too. Purchasing will be easier than ever before in 2016.

In-app functionality

If you work for a digital marketing agency, you may have noticed just how many new functions that Facebook in particular is adding these days. It seems hardly a week goes by without some new feature or nifty trick goes viral, and we believe this is set to only increase in the coming year. Instant articles, in-post search, instant video playing and endless advertising options are just the beginning of Facebook’s plan for world domination – their goal is eventually to be the only website you’ll ever need, and they’re on their way to achieving it, by the looks of things.

User Security will be paramount

2015 was an eventful year as far as hacks and breaches go, and the targets have only gotten bigger and bigger. This year’s breach of Ashley Madison’s database has got most consumers worried about their personal information floating around on the internet, and so security will be a bigger focus than ever. Users of social media and e-commerce sites are now more aware and educated about what good online security looks like, and only those media providers that provide a decent level of protection are likely to thrive.

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