How to Become a Public Relations Expert

The world of public relations services is wide and vast. There are many different ways to approach a career in the field, especially with the growth of digital platforms. You could find yourself managing the publicity of household-name superstars, like Olivia Pope, the fictional character from the American series Scandal. Other people prefer something more low key, such as representing a firm or corporation. No matter which route you decide is the right one for you, you’ll still need to understand and practice these basic steps in order to shine in your career as a public relations expert.

Be Super-Curious

If you plan on working for a public relations agency but you aren’t interested in what’s happening in the world, you may be in the wrong career. The news is critical, not just for keeping up with competitors, but also for helping you find PR opportunities for your clients. Try setting up Google Alerts for news about your clients and competitors. Also make it a habit to catch up on what’s happening. Twitter’s a great way to do this, just remember not to drift too much or you’ll find yourself lost in the world of cat memes!

Become a Writer

The reality of public relations management is that you’ll find yourself communicating to internal and external stakeholders. You could very well find yourself writing an official press statement that’s going to be broadcast at major news agencies. This means you’ll need to make sure that your writing is clear and to the point. If you’re fresh out of university or college, you may need to sign up for one of the many freely available writing courses online. Contrary to what your lecturers may have taught you, long-winded sentences that take time to get to the point are not going to work in the ‘real world’.

Become Results-Oriented

There’s no shortage of problems in public relations companies. A lot of things can go wrong and the solutions aren’t always clear-cut. If you’d like to stand out as someone who’s great to work with, then try aiming to become the one person who doesn’t only think about problems – but also offers solutions. Tensions often run high in the PR business. You’re often dealing with clients whose reputations are critical to the success of their businesses. If you learn to stay calm and focus on finding solutions instead of problems, you’ll enjoy a long and prosperous career.

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