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You can tell by the diminished size of the Yellow Pages that people no longer use physical means to find companies – they use the internet. So, if your company is not yet online, or has an outdated website, it’s a fact that you’re missing out on a substantial amount of business. But, how do you choose the right web design agency to get your company out of the dark ages and help it compete at the front of the pack?

Here are a few things you have to ask yourself when deciding on web design services:

1. What Do I Need?

Decide what it is you would like your website to do. Yes, it has to display pages, but what is its intended purpose?

If your company wants to make sales online, you need a fully functioning ecommerce site. In this case, you need to consider that your entire revenue will be generated from that site, so expect to pay enough to see good return on investment.

If, however, you are setting up a new company and want to create brand recognition, your main objective would be exposure.

2. What Is My Budget?

As mentioned, consider how much money you stand to make from the site and pay your web design company accordingly. If your site is the central hub of your marketing campaign, which it usually is, you owe a great deal of your revenue to it. With this in mind, don’t go cheap.

3. What Has This Web Design Agency Done?

Don’t get too hung up on how long a particular agency has been in business. Many new agencies are made up of young designers with brilliant, fresh ideas. Ask about the similar projects which the agency has worked on, and log onto the sites in their portfolio to interact with them.

4. Does the Company Offer Maintenance?

Check to see if the company can offer you monthly changes and track the way the site is performing through analytics. If you’re paying for an excellent site, you want to be sure that it is performing well.

5.  Are There Other Services Available?

As with anything, it’s far simpler having everything under one roof. So, if web design services can build a site and then use content and social media to drive traffic to that site, that’s less for you to worry about. You’ll know that the creation and marketing of your site is all part of one, cohesive effort.

Choose Just Perfect for Your Web Design Needs

Like our name suggests, Just Perfect is the ideal web design company for your business. With interesting content ideas, countless experience, excellent maintenance options, and reasonable pricing structures, you’re bound to receive a beautiful and effective site for your business.

So, to get started on the next chapter of your business, contact Just Perfect today!


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