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SEO Specialist, Stephen Sandmann, put it best when he said: “Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way to harness the power of Google search for your business“. SEM is made up of two parts; search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search (Google’s AdWords) ads. To make the most of the potential of SEM, SEO companies need to invest in both avenues instead of one or the other.

Paid Search Can Help Your Brand Get Heard Above the Noise

The best part is that it all happens in the moment. “That moment of intent when a consumer decides they want coffee; they search ‘coffee near me’ – we have to make sure that Dunkin’ Donuts is there at that moment of need.” That’s what Scott Hudler, VP of Global Consumer Engagement at Dunkin’ Donuts had to say about the power of paid SEO marketing.

In the video below, he talks about an exciting search campaign the brand ran on Google.

Keyword Research Can Reveal a Goldmine of Insights

Organic search keyword conversion data can be powerful when combined with similar data for paid search. If providers of SEO services run a great paid search campaign, for instance, the keyword conversion data can inform organic search efforts. This all results in your team knowing exactly what keywords are the best-performing ones for any other campaigns.

Owning More of the Search Results Page

If you look closely at certain search results, you might see a combination of paid and organic results from the same company. This means that they’ve managed to increase potential traffic to their websites as a result of blending search and paid platforms. This is like having a massive billboard on people’s phones that they can’t miss – the king of SEO packages! It’s simple – the greater the surface area on Google’s SERP that your brand covers, the more clicks it’s likely to get compared to its competitors.

The popularity of Google search among consumers has resulted in fantastic innovations. The growth of mobile search also means we can expect new opportunities to arise in the space. The future of the platform couldn’t be brighter.

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