It’s Time for Website design to Prioritise for the Mobile Takeover


Everywhere you look people are starting into smartphones, kids are playing on tablets and rapidly office desktops are being replaced by more mobile devices. This revolution in the way people are engaging with each other both socially and in business means that the importance of quality mobile website design is becoming more prevalent by the day.

So how does a mobile website design company keep up with the rapid progress being made in mobile technology? Well, here are a few key considerations to consider:

Your website needs to be responsive on a diversity of devices

Tools available on browsers such as Google Chrome and software such as Google Webmaster tools are able to assist both designers and developers in accessing user experience on a range of mobile devices.

There should be no excuses for not performing a thorough quality assessment to ensure that your website design is compatible with the most popular tablet and smart phones on the market.

Attention to detail in content

Occasionally, you’ll notice small issues are noticeable on certain devices, but appear fine on others. This is where attention to detail pays off, you’ll want to redo content so that all information is easy to read and engage with so that you end up with a responsive mobile website design across multiple devices.

Ensure that your content itself is mobile

An important touch-point for quality mobile website design is to create content that is highly shareable across a multitude of platforms. These might include the social media networks of your business, your audience’s social media pages, forums, blog communities and of course third party websites.

Here, the role of a webmaster or developer is important in creating “future-ready” content that is structured with metadata allowing relevant software systems to recognise the content.

A shift in focus

The mindset and planning of a website needs to start shifting towards mobile compatibility from the outset. Too many website designers have become accustomed to creating wireframes purely for desktop and laptop usage. They then continue by constructing the website on a Mac or PC that looks incredible, only to discover serious flaws when checking user experience on a mobile device.

The majority of people are now finding businesses on the internet, either through search platforms or social media and will be directed to your mobile site. For this reason, your best option is to go with a mobile website design agency whose mindset is geared towards the present and future of web design.


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