Make the Most of Your B2B Targeted Google Ads

Any company serious about B2B campaigns must advertise on Google in order to avoid falling into the indistinguishable mire of the lower ranked pages. Google AdWords advertising assures that companies can appear in results for pertinent searches, and do so immediately, as opposed to building organic results over months.

However, as with any campaign, a company wanting to advertise on Google cannot expect to simply click a button and be the king of the search results. While Google ads can be responsible for the the quick generation of quality leads, is it up to the campaign orchestrators to ensure that the right steps are followed.

Below are some approaches that work to boost Google AdWords advertising campaigns on a B2B level.

How to Correctly Advertise on Google

1. Group Keywords Properly

It is important to group keywords according to their theme, as this enhances relevance. Be sure to place keywords pertaining to software in a group separate from keywords pertaining to services and solutions, for example. This way, if a user searches for ‘social media services’ and receives results for ‘social media solutions’ and ‘social media services’, the user will click on the relevant match.

Similarly, it is important to distinguish keywords pertinent to information from those pushing for sales. Structure your ad groups so that ‘how to approach social media marketing’ is separate from ‘social media marketing services’, for example.

This is the best way to maintain relevance, as well as create content to match keywords. It also helps when it comes to monitoring performance and making adjustments regarding bid and status.

2. Use Ad Extensions

When you advertise on Google you are given the option of extending your ad content. This is a good idea for various reasons, namely;

  • Extensions take up more room, giving your ad prominence;
  • Extensions allow for additional landing page links;
  • Extensions provide more information, allowing users to make more calculated clicks; and
  • Extensions lead to a better Google quality score, which means a lower cost per click.

3. Prepare Proper Landing Pages

Many B2C landing pages are direct-response, while B2B campaigns should also make use of the equally important content downloads. Free downloads don’t try to push the user into the buyer’s journey, but rather encourage lead-nurturing.

The offering of free information can often create interest, which can then create conversations that turn users into buyers. Instead of coming on too strong, offering downloadable content in exchange for an email address is perfect for building quality leads.

As mentioned, Google ads are great for B2B campaigns, but they need refinement for truly effective results. The above tips should help you to develop quality leads through advertising on Google.


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