Online Marketing Services: A Complete Daily Checklist for Social Media Marketers

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Working in social media is nothing if not a juggling act. At Just Perfect, as a full-service provider of online digital marketing services, we know just how multi-skilled and flexible a social media marketer has to be to keep their wits about them these days. When you provide social media-related online marketing services, you need to be part brand ambassador and part customer service agent. You’ll also need to fulfil strategic as well as creative duties along the way, even if it’s not your job, in order to get the job done and have a smile on the client’s face at the end of the day!

Unlike some other online digital marketing services, social media is active 24/7 and occurs in real-time, meaning that if you don’t have an efficient system of operation in place, you could end up being overwhelmed by the pressure of it all, which makes for a stress-filled and needlessly unpleasant working environment.

The following checklist is obviously not applicable to all social media marketers, but it’s a good starting point from which to make your own schedule based on the particular needs of your clients.

Respond to received messages

No other online digital marketing services require responses as prompt as those expected by clients on social media channels. Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming the methods of choice for customers to proactively reach out to brands, and so these moments are of very high importance.

Monitor activity and acknowledge mentions

Occasionally, users may discuss or mention your brand online without actually tagging you. This is a recipe for potential disaster, as there may be conversations about your brand going on without your knowledge. This is why it’s wise to try out a social media monitoring tool to scan the internet for conversation relating specifically to you.

Research the latest social media industry news

Social media moves pretty fast, and if you don’t make sure you keep up with it, you could be left behind. Make sure to keep abreast of all new functionalities, features, advertising methods and other pertinent information.

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Schedule your Posts

The ability to schedule content in advance is one of the industry’s secret weapons, and a massive time-saver and stress-reliever! Whether you use a social media management service or schedule directly on the relevant channel, doing a bit of scheduling and calendar planning every day will help you free up time to work on those award winning pitches! The number and frequency of your posts, as well as the channels you choose to employ, will be dictated by that channel’s features as well as the nature of your client.

Monitor the Competition

It is vital to keep track of your competitors in all businesses, but particularly for providers of online digital marketing services due to the ever-changing landscape and fast pace of media today. Monitoring competitors is a great way to assess your efforts as well as theirs, and judge what is effective and what isn’t when it comes to your shared audience.

Study your client’s products and services

As an advertising professional, it is your job to become as familiar with the client’s business as they are themselves. You should continually strive to find out about new products and services, special offers and other relevant information in order to put yourself in the client’s shoes. This will help your content align more closely with their brand and goals and relate with their customers appropriately.


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