Online Searching Behaviours

content-marketing-and-search-engine-optimisationFor those specialising in content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, it is important to know and understand the habits of those searching online.
There are varying factors to consider when targeting searchers and some of these are too often neglected by online marketing companies.

Remember that during working hours people (most people) are less likely to search for items unrelated to work, so if you’re an ecommerce store, supplying say, cocktail dresses, you are more likely to see traffic to your site in the evenings and weekends. There is little point then in activating your Adwords campaign between the hours of 7am and 3pm; this will be of little use for an ecommerce store.

Another important aspect is which devices people are using. People are more likely to use a mobile device in the early hours of the morning regardless of what they are searching for. Similarly, the habits of mobile searchers also display varying results throughout the day. People will search for whatever random thought pops into their heads, from recipes in the late afternoon to Google maps just after arriving at work, searching for another route.

Moreover, for content marketers, the week is further split into two parts – weekdays and weekends. Mobile searches often pick up even more on weekends. This may be due to people being primarily on a desktop at work on weekdays. Likewise, people will be conducting other activities on weekends – they’re at braais, watching TV, at restaurants etc. Mobile devices are almost always out while people are relaxing: everyone is posting pictures of their food on Instagram.

We can conclude, then, that the search behaviour of Internet users is affected by the day of the week and the time of the day. But could we perhaps take that even further? We could extend this to the time of the month. Ecommerce sites often see an increase in traffic after pay day. This effect could be seen in the last week of the month and the first week of the next month. This kind of information is extremely valuable for those in content marketing and search engine optimisation. Social media postings can then be posted at targeted times of the day, and keywords, articles, and pay per click campaigns can all be targeted towards times, days, and even weeks of the month.

The sharper the edge in online marketing, the better. Truly good digital companies will search deeper to find innovative ways to get more traffic to their clients’ websites, and thereby, increase revenue.

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