Pay per Click South Africa: Why PPC Marketing Is A Must


This is the age of connectivity and, as such, every business owner must think about his or her business’s reach. Is your business realising its true potential in terms of connecting with new customers across the globe? If you’re not using pay per click advertising, then chances are that it isn’t.

Pay per click is a form of online advertising that allows your business to easily reach the people that are looking for a similar product or service, making each advert that much more effective. It allows you to choose keywords that people looking for your business might input into search engines. If your keywords match theirs, they see your ad.

The following are some of the benefits of pay per click marketing.

Why Pay per click Advertising is Worth Your While

1. You Only Pay When People Click

As the name suggests, pay per click only charges you for your ads when users click on them as opposed to charging you just to have your ad on the search results pages. This means that each click is made by a user with at least some genuine interest in your business, making it for more effective than other forms of advertising. This also means that you can create brand recognition for free since, even if a user doesn’t click through to your website, they see your company’s name in the results pages of their search engine.

2. You Set the Price

Unlike billboards and physical ad spaces, which come with hefty yet non-negotiable price tags, you choose how much you want to spend on PPC. You determine your budget and input a figure that will suit you in terms of daily spend. Once your ad has reached that budget cut-off point, the ad is suspended until the following day, making it impossible for you to overspend on advertising.

3. Targeted Advertising is a Breeze

With pay per click advertising, you can choose who sees your ad, and when they see it. This makes it much easier to target specific users who will respond most favourably to your ad, thereby significantly increasing your chances of making sales.

4. You See Results Quickly

Organic reach is important for long term results, but it takes a long time to make an impact this way. With PPC, on the other hand, results come quickly. This allows you to determine whether your current strategy is working and adjust it as you go.

Pay per Click South Africa

As with anything, there is more to PPC than meets the eye, and it takes a degree of mastery to see great results. So, if you need a company to take the reins and use all of its expertise to take your company to new heights in reach, be sure to contact Just Perfect today!

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