My Sentiments Exactly- How Mood Affects Social Media.

Social Media has become such an integral part of our lives that it can dictate emotional changes to our being. We use it when we are happy, sad or even hungry. We use it to convey emotions to our friends or followers surrounding topics that we are interested or curious about.

Emotion is a human element, and how we socialize or interact with other humans depends on the emotions we are experiencing. We get emotionally attached to objects or ideas, sports teams, television shows and even belief systems. They become vital cogs in our everyday life and through social media we express how we feel about it, whether in a positive or negative frame of mind.

star trek and sentiments

The eternal debate of emotional thinking versus logical reasoning has always been a very interesting study. From the friction it causes between characters such as Spock and Captain Kirk from Star Trek fame, to Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his social misgivings in the Big Bang Theory, it’s a debate that’s been waging for quite some time to the enjoyment of many.



sheldon cooper and social media

Social Media however has found a way to measure how emotional responses through our posts and status updates, these ‘measurements’ have been tagged as ‘sentiments’ and is the latest tool online marketers use to get through to potential clients. Through some very smart algorithmic engineering, our ‘human’ interaction can now be measured, whether they are positive, negative or neutral. Whether our frame of mind is happy or sad, angry, confused or disappointed, these sentiments can be gathered through different online tools, and used to get a better understanding of what people are experiencing.

This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the online world. Adding together the geographic function, accompanied by the opinion mining element of sentiments, marketers can now pin point where there is a vacuum in the market for whatever product or niche is needed at any specific time and provide that elements as soon as possible. The sentiments of a community can spark action or reaction in the online world, these shared sentiments can get quicker action or solution depending on what the needs are.


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Sentiments on social media means that your thoughts and opinions actually do make an impact on the world, and not just on the people following you, your friends and family, and colleagues. Your interaction on social networks will mean that a targeted marketing package will be customized to how you see and experience the world. Saying something out of anger or disappointment might be regretful at first, but somewhere there is someone who is using that ‘regretful’ information to change the world.

The world might seem a big place at first, but through our measured interaction in social media, we are making it smaller each day.

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