Social Media Advertising: 3 Keys to a Successful Twitter Campaign

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As members of the hippest and most frantic social media advertising company in Johannesburg, we know all too well that when it comes to social media, things change literally in the blink of an eye, which means that our strategies have to be flexible enough to change with them. What works in terms of Facebook advertising may become obsolete tomorrow. User behaviours change, company policies change, design and functionality elements change, the list goes on.

Like any social media advertising company in Johannesburg, or around the world for that matter, we love Twitter, and see endless advertising potential in this slightly overlooked social media channel. The simplicity of Twitter is the secret to its success, and has made Twitter fans love it even more for its level of consistency and predictability over the years.

Unlike with Facebook advertising, the rules of Twitter are basic, finite and timeless, so marketers are free to flex their creativity when aiming for the home run of a successful campaign without having endless options that may or may not achieve results. These three golden rules will definitely help!

Gather Your Following

Twitter has a distinct advantage over other sites in its immediacy. Information can travel much faster on Twitter than with most other platforms, but you shouldn’t rely on this for your campaign results. Try to amass a decent sized following before you dedicate resources to your marketing. It is a good idea to promote your brand’s Twitter profile on other sites, such as Facebook.

Come Prepared

Brands have a tendency to rely on luck by failing to prepare for potential backlash against a particular campaign. This can be avoided by planning carefully and ensuring that your Twitter campaign is tasteful and inoffensive. If in doubt, create a list of potential problems that may arise from your followers, and make detailed plans for how to respond, should those issues arise.

Choose your Hashtag Carefully

Hashtags can make or break your campaign, so picking carefully is an absolute must. Make it something simple, easy to understand and reproduce, and relevant to your brand. A vague or unspecific hashtag presents the risk of having it “hijacked”, a scenario where your hashtag or trending topic is taken over by an unrelated dialogue.


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