Social Media Agency: Facebook Amends its Infamous 20 per cent Text Rule

No more having creative copy for your Facebook ad rejected or sent back numerous times for editing because it is too exceeding the recommended allocation. As a social media agency you may be performing the Macarena in celebration at this point, because Facebook has finally removed the 20% text rule for ads!

Well… not completely. It has just been revised in favour of making social media marketing easier.

The rule was enforced years ago to save consumers from incredibly long texted ads, accompanied by pictures on their already jam-packed timelines.

This rule has proven to be quite the nightmare for social media agency services. It usually meant that many perfectly good ads would have to be cut severely in typographic design in order to meet the limit and often quality would suffer rather than be enhanced as intended.  

The feature update will no longer stop you from using any image or logo, no matter how much text is on it.

All Facebook will do is warn you that the more text you have on your image, the less reach you are likely to get with the same budget before giving you the option to change that before posting.

Depending on whether you change the text or choose to proceed with the image as is, Facebook will also categorise your image under one of the following four categories depending on how much text the image contains.  

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  • The first category is ‘OK’ and this means the image for your ad contains little or no text.
  • The second category is ‘Low’ which means that your ad’s reach may be slightly limited.
  • The third category is ‘Medium’. If your image is placed in this category, your ad’s reach may be limited.
  • The fourth and seemingly worst category is ‘high’ and you may not reach your audience if your image is classified in this category.

The best way for your social media agency to tackle this conundrum, would be to adjust their social media marketing agency pricing in order to ensure they reach your intended target audience, if of course they feel their design in indeed going to have the desired effect.


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