Ten of the worst logo blunders ever

website-designThe first step to building any brand is a good logo. People respond better to visual representations than to ordinary text. It expresses the essence of your company within a glance and in time will set the foundation for all other marketing and brand awareness, from corporate stationery to all advertising and website design.

The Nike swoosh is a fantastic example of this. One of the most recognised symbols on the planet today, the Nike swoosh is the famous corporate trademark representing clothing and athletic shoe manufacture Nike. The logo was designed by a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson, who was paid the princely (or princess-ly in this case) sum of $35 for her efforts.

Incredible to think that a simple tick could become the symbol of a multi-million pound company.
Others have been, should we say, less fortunate in their efforts to build success on their logo designs, but in hindsight, we think they are probably regretting the decisions that were made when approving the corporate branding for their business and website development.

Let’s take a look at some of the more embarrassing logos found in web design:


The Catholic Church doesn’t exactly have the best of reputation when it comes to the priesthood’s relationships with boys. This logo used by the church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission does little to change that perception. Unbelievably, this logo actually won an award from the LA Art Directors Club.


One would be forgiven for thinking that Bill Clinton might have had a hand in the signing-off of this logo for the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). We’ll have to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case, as this is in fact the logo for the OGC in the United Kingdom.


Here’s hoping The Computer Doctors are in fact, really tech savvy, qualified proctologists, as their logo that seems to depict something a little different for those of us with a more amorous eye.


Sticking with the theme of the day. Here, Swedish company Locum proudly display their affections for… Um… property management.


It’s great when businesses get imaginative with typography in their logo designs. Using a cat’s rear end however, isn’t quite the representation you want for the Independent Woman that Catwear is targeting.

Just Perfect web design

Finding a good restaurant in your area can sometimes prove to be a real pain in the backside. Apparently never more so than at CHINA Restaurant.

web design

Junior jazz dance classes you say? Well doesn’t that sound titillating! Not quite sure this is the place you want to be sending your kids though. Nor for that matter is the KidsExchange programme demonstrated below. Kids just seem a little young to be making these kind of life altering moves.

All images: boredpanda 

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