10 Benefits of Email Marketing

While there are, in fact, a great many more benefits in the use of email marketing, the ten that follow are generally regarded as the most significant of these. Together they serve to explain why this innovative user of internet technology now provides such a great return on investment (ROI) as well as a more effective means of measuring the success of client interactions than was previously possible.

1. A Quick & Simple Approach: In any business, timing can be crucial. A delay in launching an advertising campaign could see a rival gaining the edge with a similar product or service. The ability to get a campaign organised and operational with the minimum of time and effort is one of the foremost advantages of this powerful communication method.

When compared with the time and effort taken to prepare a conventional ad for the print media or the hours and hours of repetitive activity involved in a telesales strategy, an electronic communication can be created in just a few minutes with a pre-designed and re-usable template and delivered to each potential client on your mailing list within seconds.

2. Communicate your Message Instantly: When you have a new product launch or a special promotion time can be of the essence and thus another of the important benefits of email marketing is that there is no significant lead time. Once you identify a need, you can communicate with your clients in real-time.

3. Make it Personal:

No need for anonymous greetings such as ‘Dear client’; your customer database will include names that can be automatically incorporated into an electronic communication of this kind. As a result, each of your prospects will receive a personalised message that research confirms is far more likely to be read than one with a generic greeting – another fact that can improve ROI.

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The same facility allows the nature of products or services offered to be geared to the location of the prospect according to their availability or suitability in any given region.

4. Target Clients More Precisely: Providing your database has the appropriate fields, the use of electronic media makes it possible to target certain market segments very precisely. Armed with sufficient detail, offers can then be based on specific interests such as a client’s gender, travel preferences or sporting interests.

5. Communicate More Often:

Because it’s quick and simple, electronic mail allows you to contract client on a far more frequent basis. This can, for instance, be an effective means by which to reinforce a particular message such as a new product announcement – releasing the details in a series of teasers.

Equally importantly, it is a means of reassuring existing clients that they remain important to you.

However, to reap the benefits of email marketing, it’s important not to overdo things so it’s a good idea to check what sort of frequency each client finds acceptable or to stick to just once a week to avoid spamming.

6. Learn What Works and

What Doesn’t: Designing any campaign requires good insight into client behaviour and this is something leaned through feedback.

Using conventional media, this can be a slow and costly process but the ability to continuously monitor the effectiveness of an electronic campaign means one can test alternative messages, layouts, graphics and colour schemes with ease and quickly determine which is most effective and will thus offer the best ROI.

7. Get Free Referrals:

The average client, however impressed, is unlikely to photocopy a printed document and pass it on to a friend or family member.

However, the use of electronic mail with its simple one-click forwarding facility means that it can take just seconds to pass on your message to a brand new prospect at no charge. Furthermore, it may even include an endorsement from your existing client.

8. Cut Your Costs All Round:

It can take as little as just one person with a PC and the appropriate skills to launch an electronic advertising campaign and you need not even face the expense of recruiting a full time employee of your own.

The team at Just Perfect has had many years of experience in exploiting the benefits of email marketing on behalf of its clients and their skills, combined with the minimal overheads associated with this form of communication, means big savings over your conventional campaign as well as a much improved ROI.

9. Track and Measure Your

Results: Just Perfect employs advanced tools to track exactly what’s happening with your campaign.

Knowing the percentage of recipients who opened your message, which links they tended to click, who may have chosen to unsubscribe and to which addresses your message could not be delivered are all valuable facts to be capitalized upon in future campaigns.

10. Keep your Campaign Eco-

Friendly: It is to the advantage of everyone to preserve our natural resources and the use of electronic media, is an important step to a paperless society in which trees are left to provide oxygen rather than destroyed to yield paper pulp. To start enjoying the benefits of email marketing and increased ROI talk to Just Perfect today.

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