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As a public relations specialist, when a client approaches you with a goal in mind for their brand, your mind should already be working out additional goals to suggest as a definitive PR strategy.

PR goals may vary from gaining press coverage, increased web traffic and social media following to mentions from the region’s top influencers on particular topics.

The best PR agencies understand that in order to make this happen, they have to come up with an incredible set of actions aimed at achieving the client’s goals – this is called a PR strategy.

Influencer Marketing

One of the most popular ways in which PR companies implement these strategies is through influencer marketing.

Used in conjunction with word of mouth and press coverage, it provides the one-two punch needed to drive the message home that the brand is something consumers need or want in their lives.


Another PR marketing strategy that companies can employ is to give exclusivity, either to influencers and their social media following or to traditional media.

In a world where people are all looking to go digital, one should not make the mistake of forgetting the impact and reach of more the traditional platforms. Media houses are also more likely to ignore press releases that look like they were sent to the masses in favour of more unique content.

Content Creation

Lastly, you should never forget that content creation is a key strategy in PR management.

Consumers are less likely to be receptive to a brand’s message if they feel as though they are getting a repetitive sales pitch. That is where content comes in – if the consumer feels like the brand took time out to create user specific, media-rich, quality, newsworthy content, they will be more receptive to the brand message.

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