The Importance of Brand Awareness and Reputation Management in Lead Generation

Lead generation is a method of generating sales through digital media, which, when done correctly, can result in an incredible return on investment for a business or company.

However, the excitement of being able to target such specific audiences through digital media often gets businesses over enthusiastic about the prospects of reaching and converting new audiences into customers. This is when the process can be derailed. Patience is the name of the game for any lead generation companies looking for a quality, long term ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

People don’t trust a brand that only pushes sales

Firstly, if people aren’t aware that your business exists, the chances are that they aren’t going to find you or trust your reputation for quality goods and services. More likely they would regard any advertising as spam or some sort of scam.

Another factor that must be considered, is that even if the public is aware of your brand, if your digital presence and the relationship with your online community is not carefully managed, your reputation can quickly deteriorate.

For this reason, it is important to build a strong trust and reputation with your audience through valuable content on social media, informative blogging and develop a strong presence on search platforms such as Google. It’s also vital that you avoid any sales related content at this stage of the lead generation funnel, but rather build up a trusting loyal audience base through informative, relevant, industry related content, who grow to respect the value of your brand.

The importance of community management

Any complaints about your products or services during this stage, or any stage of the cycle, should be viewed as a great opportunity to get an understanding of where to improve the concerns in your industry, as well as demonstrate to the potential consumer, that you acknowledge and care about their sentiments. Research has shown that digital audiences trust people over brands, so don’t be shy to exhibit the faces and personalities of your company.

Your efforts should bring large volumes of traffic to your website so data analysis is important. Identify and monitor the users behaviour on your website in order to see who you should be targeting during the next cycle of your lead generation campaign.

Choosing your online lead generation partners

You can be fairly certain that any lead generation company promising you large volumes of lead from the get-go, at a ridiculously low cost per lead (CPL), is only considering their business bank account, rather than having your company’s best interests at heart.

So the next time you’re scouting looking for the best lead generation companies South Africa has to offer, consider whether they are offering you short term results that end in long term detriment or whether they are taking a more honest, considered approach with a better long term return on investment for your company and its reputation.


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