The Benefits Of Using Google Adwords

adwordsqualityscoreWhile it is clear that the internet is a powerful medium by which to conduct a business, promoting it, even in cyberspace, can be both frustrating and costly for those who may be unfamiliar with the many benefits offered by the use of Google Adwords.

While a conventional advertising campaign could consume a sizable slice of the allocated budget, this clever innovation by the search engine giant, means that users have total control over the cost of their campaign. With no conditions to dictate any minimum adspend, one may need to invest no more than a few dollars a day to get great results.

This is made possible because of a bidding system in which an advert’s position on the search page and the popularity of the keyword are used to determine the bid price.

Not only is this an extremely cost-effective means of advertising but it has also been designed to ensure that a campaign can be up and running quickly and with the bare minimum of effort. Advertisements can be live in a few minutes once an account has been registered. It only remains to give it a name and a title; add some copy to include a link and a call to action and it can be online with just a click. There is even a handy keyword tool to help identify frequently searched keywords and phrases needed to optimise the copy for searching and thus improve page ranking.

When using conventional print media such as flyers, for instance, the bulk of these will never even be read and, of those that are, only a tiny proportion is likely to bear fruit. Nevertheless, the client must bear the full cost for both the failed and the successful attempts at contact.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Adwords is the ‘pay per click’ (PPC) policy that ensures that the campaign owner will only be charged each time that an advert is actually read.

Everyone will be keen to get that maximum number of responses but, thanks to the PPC method of billing that imposes no minimum daily spend; high response rates can also make it necessary to ensure that you do not exceed your planned daily budget.

In contrast to competing methods, the facility provides clients with the ability to set a cap on daily spending so that, once the defined limit has been reached, the advert will not be displayed again until the following day.

This is just one more sound reason why so many marketers are now conducting their campaigns through this facility, citing it as the most cost-effective tool for advertising via the internet.

If you believe that your business may be in need of a boost but you also need to set a limit on your spending that precludes the use of the traditional media, then it is likely to be a perfect candidate to benefit from the use of Google Adwords. When you are ready to proceed, ‘Just Perfect’ has all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience that make us the ideal partner to get your PPC campaign started.

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