The New PR Company Must-Haves

Gaining quality exposure for clients is one of the key goals for any results-driven PR agency. However, this is simply not enough to keep clients happy and impressed with your output. Excellent PR
service and value for money are two important aspects where agencies tend to lose focus.

A PR consultancy that values and prioritises excellent service within its own culture, will in turn provide the same for their clients. Contracting a PR company with an ethos of excellent service is key and translates to the quality of the work they themselves produce.

Here are some of the ways you can make sure your PR business stands out:

Traditional marketing

Excellent service doesn’t end with the client. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful PR tools, largely due to the fact that people will be quicker to believe what others say about you than what you say about yourself. A happy customer is essentially in the agency’s best interest and the after-effects (good and bad) can leave a legacy for years to come. Making sure your agency is spoken about in a positive light could be the difference between you succeeding or failing.

Client satisfaction

Good service can certainly mean different things to different clients but one thing is certain – good service not only reflects well on the agency in the agency-to-client relationship but in turn, the agency becomes synonymous with excellence amongst journalists. The media’s perception of your agency influences their decision to feature your clients. A PR business with shoddy service rarely sees positive sentiment.

Quality over quantity

Excellent service does not mean over promising and under delivering – quantity doesn’t and shouldn’t trump quality at the expense of agency staff. This can lead to an otherwise successful agency’s downfall. The dreaded over-promise can leave your staff in a whirlwind of confusion and pressure to perform the impossible, which never results in top quality service.


Making every cent count

In the current difficult financial times, where PR budgets tend to be one of the first things to be cut, providing clients with incredible value for money is additionally what can separate you from every other agency who at their core offer what you offer.


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