The Relationship between SEO and Content Marketing

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Those outside of digital marketing seem to get confused when trying to understand the relationship between search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing.

The skill for any SEO company or digital agency offering SEO services is being able to get the two to work in unison, in a manner that is both natural and engaging.

Readability is key, as SEO keywords are often forced into digital content in an attempt to boost search ranking. This is something that Google has worked hard on rectifying with their Panda and Penguin algorithms, as they strive to give their digital audience a quality experience when using their search platform.

Improvements to algorithms created by Google and other leading search engines like Bing and Yahoo have seen search engine optimisation and content marketing become extremely interlinked, as the two now rely heavily on each other to be truly effective.

Many so-called digital ‘experts’ seem to have missed the boat on this one, stating that Google has neglected SEO in favour of content marketing. They still see the two as separate entities rather than recognising that the relationship between the two is stronger than ever.

SEO is focused on logic, technical statistics and percentages. Content marketing is more holistic, creative, engaging and emotive. An architect may have the most beautiful concepts in the world for designing a building, but without the correct mathematics and physics being implemented, those designs would remain nothing but useless concepts.

The relationship between SEO and content marketing works in much the same way.

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Without the implementation of SEO, content would not reach much of its intended audience, while SEO keywords without quality content, would lead to very little interest in the subject without more informative and interesting content to keep the reader absorbed.

SEO indicates what is required, while content marketing executes those marketing objectives.


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