The Top 3 Feminist Ads from the Past Year

social media marketing expertsSocial media marketing experts will tell you – feminism encompasses so much nowadays, it’s hard to get its meaning across in just one simple word. Indeed, for decades there have been arguments over what it truly means to be a feminist – is it that women are better than men? Is it simply the struggle for equal rights for all? (hint: it’s the latter). It used to be a word that all but the most die-hard enthusiasts owned, but now it seems that calling yourself a feminist is fashionable. But much of this has nothing to do with the ideal of equal rights, and more to do with trending on Twitter.

But in 2014, there were some companies that didn’t just jump on the feminism bandwagon. No, these companies managed to truly represent what feminism is all about with their adverts. Have a look below at some of the best feminist adverts of 2014!

3. Always

In this powerful advert, Always poses the question, “Why is it bad to do something ‘like a girl’?” The term is usually intended as an insult, and this ad brings that sharply into focus.

2. Pantene

The world-famous hair care product manufacturer may not be the company that one would expect to break societal norms, but they do just that with this thought-provoking advert on how frequently women apologise.

1. GoldiBlox

Okay, so we cheated here a little – this ad is from 2013, not 2014, but it’s just so good, we had to include it! It doesn’t need much of an introduction; just watch it!

Main image credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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