Tools of Public Relations: How to Offer Effective Public Relations in the Digital Era

On the face of it, public relations seems pretty simple. All it requires is a good relationship between a business and the public. But the truth is that both establishing a relationship and maintaining that relationship with a view to influence purchasing is a daunting task.

There is a strong chance that you have lost contact with a few friends over the years, which has essentially severed the friendship. If you’ve ever tried to re-establish an old friendship, you’ll know full well how difficult it can be. This hardship becomes that much more significant when trying to unite a potential customer with a brand, and nurture that relationship.

To public relations companies, contact is key. And, for this very reason, effective public relations depend on a specific set of tools. In order to provide a bit of insight into the workings of public relations organizations we will now take a brief look at some of the main tools available to a public relations officer in the digital age.

Tools of Public Relations

While public relations companies use a great many strategies and techniques in order to create and manage their clients’ images in the public eye, these are some of the most common:

1. Public Relations Articles

Anything from informational articles to less formal blogging can be seen as public relations articles. A public relations officer will use these to keep his or her clients in the public eye. The fact that they are informative and interesting helps the public avoid the feeling that they are being bombarded with marketing material and are instead receiving interesting content.

2. Social Media

Though it is often used for marketing, social media is also used to great avail in public relations. It allows public relations organizations to connect directly with the public in a casual and informal environment, and also allows for specific targeting.

3. Press Releases

Many people tend to be more responsive to information that comes from regular programming channels as opposed to advertisements. Psychologically they feel that it is more trustworthy. For this reason, press releases are still a big part of PR.

4. Newsletters

Statistics show that email newsletters are still highly effective, especially if sent from a trusted and liked source. These letters are a great way to stoke public engagement and keep enthusiasm high. Again, this is because the information is useful as opposed to being loaded with promotional content.

5. Public Attendance

There are a number of opportunities to inspire crowds, including expos, trade fairs, concerts, openings, etc. These present excellent opportunities to speak to people who have already showed interest by attending the event, making pubic attendance a very useful tool in the PRO’s arsenal.

These are just some of the ways in which your company can reach and inspire potential customers. For more on the benefits of public relations, be sure to contact Just Perfect today!


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