Top 3 Digital Marketing Benefits of Instagram’s New Business Tools

Each passing month seems to see Instagram and its users embracing the idea of digital marketing. When ads were first going to be launched on the social network, many had pictured the platform deteriorating into yet another dump for irrelevant adverts by many a digital marketing agency. But now with over 200 000 active advertisers – many of whom are small to medium businesses – the platform is ripe for monetization.

Instagram’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development, James Quarles, recently explained the need for helping businesses reach and engage their audiences better on the social network. Quarles says about half of all Instagram users follow a business, and also that 60% of users learn about many products and services on the platform. The company has officially announced it will be rolling out business profiles, insights (also known analytics) and new tools to boost posts on the platform.

Business Profiles

Much like the processes involved in the big brother of Instagram, Facebook, business profiles will be allowed to upgrade their accounts and gain access to a multiplicity of new features. Customers will now be able to connect with the business directly from the profile via phone calls or text messages. Location information and maps will become readily available at a later stage. Easing the transitional process will be the garnering of information from existing Facebook profiles, which is mandatory if you wish to transition to a business profile.


Once more, Facebook is taking their knowledge and implementing it into Instagram. Insights will allow users to get a more in-depth view of their top performing posts. Post impressions, reach and engagement will be available along with customer profile data such as age, gender and location. Businesses will be able to access these insights on mobile platforms and adjust their digital marketing strategy whilst on the go.


The introduction of mobile ad creation users will have the ability the turn their best performing posts into adverts that can be based on a budget or audience. Being mobile based, it does, unfortunately, trade-off certain features know to Facebook promoters such as Ads Manager.

The role of digital marketing agencies is becoming more important as these Instagram business tool and features will change the digital marketing scene. Businesses need to align themselves with the trend and target the ever-growing platform.


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