Understanding the 3 Main Digital Marketing Methods of Creating Site Traffic

Digital Marketing‘ is a term that encompasses a great many online methods practiced by digital marketing agency services. However, while this umbrella term reins in a great many tools for digital marketing advertising, it is easy to pinpoint its purpose; bringing users to a website with the specific purpose of turning them into customers.

While this statement may detract from the scope of digital marketing advertising or take away from the extensive work done by a digital marketing agency, it remains the essence of what is offered by marketing agency services.

But, in order to better understand how a target market is attracted to a website in order to generate sales, it is important to highlight the primary methods used for this undertaking.

3 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Brings Traffic to a Website

There are many ways to generate web traffic, and highlighting only three does not paint an accurate picture. But, for the purpose of this discussion, let us discount marketing methods such as email and sms marketing – both of which are excellent for driving traffic – and focus on the journey a customer makes from one online site to the site being marketed.

1. Organic

Organic traffic is generated through a very natural process. The user inputs a search term into a search engine and the engine returns results pertinent to the search based on the content it finds on various websites.

In order to bring in organic traffic, websites should be optimised to contain commonly searched words or phrases. This is an aspect of SEO – a process which increases a site’s visibility.

Blogging, for instance, is the process of frequently uploading a variety of content that can be created to include specific keywords, thus helping the site’s ability to be considered relevant in the search engine results pages.

2. Paid

There are various ways to pay for web traffic, but a common one is PPC, or Pay-Per-Click. PPC allows marketers to choose relevant keywords for the site which will then be shown to the target audience. Each time a user clicks through to the site, the owner of the site pays for the click. However, spending can be limited by setting a daily budget for paid clicks.

3. Social Media

Social media is great for creating brand recognition, but it can also be an effective tool for generating web traffic. Facebook, for example, allows large, clickable adverts that are specifically for driving traffic to a website. Alternatively, posting interesting content containing links to the desired website is a proven way to increase web traffic.

Digital marketing’s scope is far-reaching and utilises countless methods for increasing web traffic. The above, however, are arguably the three main categories for the generation of click-throughs. For more on the practice of driving traffic to your website, be sure to contact Just Perfect today.


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