What is Top Quality Management

QM or Top Quality Management is a concept that first made its appearance in the 80’s; long before the appearance of e-commerce and online marketing. Essentially, it encouraged companies to adopt management philosophies and practices that would act to optimise the use of their human and material resources in order to become more effective in pursuit of their organizational objectives. It involved various reforms such as tighter quality control measures, greater employee and customer involvement, strategic planning and improved gathering of information and feedback.

Top quality management

At the time, those companies that chose to adopt these principles were, in the main, eventually rewarded for their efforts with marked improvements in performance and growth, encouraging others to join the movement. While the majority of those who have adopted these principles continue to apply them studiously, unfortunately, many have failed to appreciate the extent to which they are necessary.

Even though the proliferation of the electronic media has opened up a host of effective new channels by which to promote products and services, simply cobbling together a few web pages, adding a company page on Facebook and posting a few tweets is unlikely to see the order books overflowing. In fact measures to optimise this aspect of the business are proving to be every bit as important as the steps that were taken to improve products and their production. Clearly, some form of TQM needs to be applied to promoting those products also.

Top Quality Management process

With more companies now offering their clients an e-commerce platform and making use of the internet for marketing purposes, developers have been quick to offer all manner of new tools that promise instant success with no experience and just a few clicks. Sadly, however, though such tools may well be simple to operate, the promised success requires a lot more effort
and a good deal of insight into the digital world.

To the website, Facebook page and Twitter account one can add Google Adwords and email advertising but, without quality content, the correct target market and meaningful feedback, it would be unwise to hold your breath while waiting for the influx or orders.

Just Perfect offers a number of turnkey services including websites with user-friendly navigation, professionally written search engine optimised (SEO) content, awesome graphics, shopping trolleys and secure payment facilities.  For those who already have a site, we can make it work more effectively and help you to exploit the full potential of the World Wide Web.

Digital advertising is our speciality, from design to placement. We will compile and email advertising campaigns that target the very people you most need to contact and use our web metrics tools to refine and optimise their effectiveness. In short we are a one-stop e-commerce and internet marketing shop for whom TQM becomes an acronym for Top Quality Marketing.


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