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The early days of search engine optimisation were a bit like the Wild West. There were no clear rules and search engine optimisation companies used to use any and every technique they could think of in order to get their client up to the top of the result pages.

But, little by little, search engines became wiser and less likely to fall for the old tricks, meaning that search engine optimisation agencies now have to be smarter. Simply stuffing a piece of content with keywords and links is no longer the recipe for search success.

So, what does a search engine optimisation specialist have to consider if he or she wants to have a website rank high in the SERPs in 2016? Here are a few of the current trends in SEO:

1. A Search Engine Optimisation Specialist Needs More Than the Click

In times past, search engine optimisation companies cared about little more than the click. All they wanted was to get users to click through to their clients’ sites. If they did that, the job was done.

However, modern SEO is concerned with what the user does after clicking onto the site. The goal is to satisfy that user’s every whim and convert him or her into a paying customer.

2. Content Matters Just as Much as Keywords

Keywords used to be absolutely vital to written content showing up in search results. And, while keywords are still important, the actual quality of the content now makes more of a difference.

Search engines have now become clever enough to recognise whether the rest of an article has anything to do with the keywords it contains. Also, exact match isn’t as important as it once was. If a search engine is satisfied that an article is talking about a subject similar to a user’s search, that article will feature in the results pages.

3. User Experience Is Huge

As mentioned, the click is only just the beginning of the user’s experience with a site, and certainly doesn’t guarantee a sale. SEO content has to be both easily-digestible and substantial – a difficult medium to find. However, the amount of value a user finds in a piece of content impacts his or her decision to buy significantly, so it is important to find that medium and create content that users want to find. This is far more important that trying to trick search engines.

Find the Search Engine Optimisation Agencies That Know the Ropes

The field of SEO changes so rapidly that some companies get set in their ways and forget to evolve with it. But, if you want effective SEO for your online marketing campaigns, you need to avoid these companies and look for a company that is attuned to the latest trends in SEO.

Fortunately you’ve come to the right place. With a wealth of knowledge and experience and the foresight to stay at the sharp end of the industry, Just Perfect is the perfect agency to handle all of your company’s search needs.


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