What’s Trending Right Now in Digital Media Marketing?

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Digital media marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it can never become set in its ways.  With current digital media marketing services being reliant on current technological trends, digital media marketing companies that don’t evolve with technology risk offering services that are old fashioned, if not irrelevant.

Irrelevancy is, of course, the kiss of death for any digital media marketing agency.  This is because it means that that particular agency cannot pander to the trends capturing the attention of the online public.  And, if you don’t have the public, you don’t have marketing.

It is thus imperative for digital media marketing companies to stay abreast of current trends, and incorporate those trends into their strategies.

With this in mind, here are a few technological trends that will shape the latter half of 2016.

Digital Media Marketing Agency Trends

1. Bots are Big

So much of the power of digital media marketing services currently rests in marketing companies’ ability to engage with online users.  However, if a company is stretched thin, engagement can suffer.  This is no longer a problem, though, as technology has gifted us chat bots which can step in and be the digital voice of a brand.

Massaging app Kik stated recently that it has already made 2 billion messages possible between users and brand bots, and around 70 brands have already applied to be represented on Kik by bots.

2. Video is Huge, but Still Presents Problems

When it comes to user engagement, video has no rival.  Users far prefer watching a video for a couple of minutes than reading text or even viewing visual content.  Because of this, experts predict that, by the year 2020, as much as 80 percent of all online content will be video-based.

That’s just four short years away, but there are hurdles to overcome before this prediction rings true.  Namely; as things stand, it’s harder to justify video over other, more easily created content when looking at return on investment.

3. We Live in the Digital Ad Era

Facebook ads are immensely popular worldwide, with Southeast Asia leading the way in terms of growth.  In fact, Facebook’s ads are so popular that the company reported a staggering $6.24bn in ad revenue in the second quarter of 2016 alone.

4. Brand Image Matters

Forget about pleasure – don’t mix business and politics.  Donald Trump recently felt the wrath of a tarnished brand image thanks to his questionable political campaigning.

Choose the Right Digital Media Marketing Services

Factors like these have a big impact on the ability of a digital marketing company to effectively market your brand.  So, if you are serious about having your company discovered by online users with the potential to be customers, make sure you choose a marketing company in the know.

Fortunately for you, you’ve already found one.  For expert marketing strategies that are as relevant as they are innovative, contact Just Perfect today!

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