Why PR Needs to Go Digital to Survive

Despite all the technological advancements and innovations that have affected the way modern day companies and certain job descriptions play out, public relations companies still exist for the main purpose of using media platforms to ensure that public opinion of their clients remains favourable.

Before the proliferation of the internet, TV, Radio and print media were the best way to do this. Now, you are able to reach large groups of people for a fraction of the cost with results that are easier to measure and quantify.

There are a number of reasons why ensuring that digital media plays a greater role in your PR strategy:

In an article for Forbes, Sabrina Horn of the Horn Group shared how she believes that PR has evolved into digital communications. Public relations in marketing, therefore, requires the best and most cutting edge agencies out there, to be able to recommend tailored strategies across multiple platforms based on each client’s unique needs.

What better way to engage the public than on the platforms that have more of an impact on their perceptions than traditional media?

Tom Manners, MD of Clockwork Media believes that public relations will go the way of the dodo if it does not embrace digital media as the most effective way to fulfil its purpose.

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Going forward, public relations management will, in large part, involve developing an in-depth understanding of what digital media is and what it has to offer both the company and its clients.

So, in the age of digital media (and increasingly, social media). It is literally a case of adapt or die. Hence Manners’ metaphor – the dodo physically could not adapt so it’s entire species died out.

The same can, unfortunately, be said for any company who chooses to partner with a PR company that fails to adapt.


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