Why Speed Is Vital to Mobile Website Design and How to Use This to Your Advantage


Ask just about any mobile website design agency and they will tell you that, as things stand, UX is probably the name of the game as far as mobile design goes. Everything from graphics to responsive mobile website design fall under UX, which can directly affect a site’s conversion rate.

But, since UX stands for User Experience, possibly the most important factor relating to this particular part of web design is loading speed.

One of the most important aspects tasked to a mobile website design company is the ability to attract and retain web traffic. And, with the human attention span having shrunk in recent years, sites don’t have a great deal of time to impress. Mobile sites, commonly associated with speed and convenience, have even less time, making the job of a mobile website design agency that much harder.

Mobile users want extremely fast loading times. If they don’t get them, they tend to log off the site and go elsewhere. But, what if it is impossible for a mobile website design company to make a mobile site load quickly?

The Secrets to Fast Loading Mobile Website Design

Shrinking images and incorporating responsive mobile website design definitely play a big part in creating fast sites. However, some sites just need a little more time to accomplish what they need to do. So, how can a mobile website design company get around this? The answer lies in giving users the impression of speed.

Time is, after all, relative. An hour spent having fun feels as if it goes by much faster than an hour spent in a dentist’s waiting room. So, since users don’t actually use stopwatches to measure loading time, it is perfectly possible to have them think the site is loading fast through the use of:

1. Calming Colours

Colour can either make people comfortable or uneasy, relaxed or anxious. So, by choosing site colour carefully, it is possible to make users feel at ease while the site is loading, making the load time feel shorter. Blue, for example, is a strong, authoritative colour. This is always a good choice for a site that might need a little longer to load.

2. Signs of Life

A site that does nothing while it is loading makes users wonder about how long they will have to stare at a blank screen. Sites that display progress indicators, however, instil confidence in the users that they are indeed working. Spinners and progress bars are all right, but users prefer skeleton screens, which fill the screen with vital site elements as the whole site loads.

3. Call to Action

While you might get the occasional user who stumbles onto the site by accident, most are looking for something. This is why it is important to let them know exactly what to do the second your site loads. Make sure your call to action is bold and simple to follow. Believe it or not, getting straight down to business increases users’ perception of speed.

These are just some of the elements of mobile website design that can make mobile users feel that a site is loading quicker than it actually is. Of course, you don’t always want to have to resort to these, but they help in some cases.

What you really want is a mobile website design agency that knows exactly when to deploy these tactics, and when to find different solutions. So, for expert, out-of-the-box mobile website design that is full of fresh ideas, contact Just Perfect today!


Image credit: http://www.lsainsider.com/now-that-you-have-a-mobile-site-is-it-fast-enough/archives#sthash.AQvNfBbf.dpbs


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