Why UX Is so Important in Website Design

When it comes to web design, many people might think that web design companies aren’t very invested in the sites they create after they go live. However, the truth is that website design companies have a very active interest in the site’s performance long after the initial web page design is complete.

After all, the proficiency of all web design companies is measured by how well their sites perform. Aside from looking the part, the web page design offered by these companies must increase the reach, and revenue, of their clients. This is precisely why user experience is so important to website design companies.

Web Design Johannesburg and User Experience

User experience – more commonly referred to as UX – is the overall feel of a website as experienced by the end user. Simply put, sites that provide a better user experience tend to be better at turning visitors into customers. So, by this logic, user experience is directly proportionate to the ability of web design Johannesburg services to create effective websites.

There are many factors that go into the creation of optimum UX. But what is more important than the specifics of UX – especially to you, the client – is how UX can benefit your site.

Here are some of the main benefits of UX:

1. Notoriety

Websites that are particularly well-built and visually stunning achieve a level of fame amongst users. Many people who appreciate the artistic merit of excellent website design may visit the site just to see its features. This is an excellent way to expand your company’s reach.

2. Longer CLV

CLV, or Customer Lifetime Value, refers to the amount of time a customer is loyal to a particular company. Customers will only start to look elsewhere if certain factors, like a website, become undesirable to them. So, by keeping your company’s site on the cutting edge, you increase your company’s CLV.

3. Enhanced Conversion Rate

One of the primary goals of your website is to turn casual visitors into customers. This task is made infinitely easier with a site that is easily navigable and beautifully designed.

Web design companies want nothing more than the continued success of a site after the design process has ended. The best way to ensure this success is through optimised user experience. This is why any website design company worth its salt will have excellent UX right at the top of its priority list.

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