Why Website Design Is All about User Experience

One of the most important aspects for any web design agency is User Experience, or UX. UX is the overall impression that a user gets of a website upon opening it; its general appearance, navigability, and ease of use.

A bad impression can result in users clicking straight off the site (boosting the dreaded bounce rate), which could have negative ramifications for the site’s owner and the web design company responsible for the site. Because of this, web design services pay special attention to user experience, now made even more important by the fact that users access sites from various devices (mobile now dominating with 73% access).

Good user experience should engage users the moment they reach the site, offer them the exact information they were after, and then commence in offering a call-to-action so compelling that they can’t help but enter their information – if lead generation is the purpose of the site.

How a Web Design Company Plans UX

Great website design doesn’t just happen by accident, and nor does great usability. A web design agency must consider several important factors when planning UX. These are:

1. Understanding the Target Audience

Psychology plays a large role in planning a good user experience. It is important for web design services to understand the mind-set of a buyer coming to the site. What motivates the buyer to come to the site, and what is his or her ultimate goal? These are questions that need answering before it is possible to shape UX on a site.

2. A Sensible Layout

What are the most important elements on a website in terms of usability? These should take precedence. A well-planned hierarchy prioritising the most important elements is key to an enjoyable and satisfying experience on the part of the user.

3. Creating Comfort through Consistency

Subsequent pages that don’t feature a similar theme to the landing page can make users feel uneasy. Thus, consistency throughout all the pages of a website is another important focus area for user experience.

4. Simplicity

Having too many cluttered elements fighting for the user’s attention can be overwhelming, a bit like being in crowded room with twenty people trying to talk to you at once. Simplicity is a far better way to go, limiting the visual elements so that each page has a clear purpose.

In a nutshell, the goal of marketing websites is to achieve sales. And since a pleasant experience on the part of the user is integral to achieving this goal, UX should be on the forefront of the minds of all web designers.


Main image credit: blog.crazyegg.com

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